Seeman charms

Seeman is someone the central government has to keep monitoring. He has been poisoning the minds of TN youth into separatism. He has been doing it strategically by creating an impression that the central government is anti Tamil. Here are some posts from my friends’ facebook walls. These content clearly shows that they have been inflicted by Seeman’s poison.


I don’t blame the person. He is genuinely interested in TN people welfare. I am sure he would have been a patriotic Indian like so many other TN students. At certain age, they get ideological leaning. This friend of mine must have got a liking towards Seeman because of his expression of concern towards farmers.


The guy is holding the banner that says, “Indians only since 70 years, but Tamilians since 7000 years.”


While I am fully for freedom of expression, I only get abuses against central government from the Naam Tamilar Katchi supporters. In the above one, he’s asking, “why do you have to be central minister to ask sorry?”


Naam Tamilar Katchi said they’d conduct jallikattu and kept its words too.


Another hate-like speech. In the above post he says,

The result of being generous and celebrating an another guy’s festival… today pongal is not a compulsory holiday.

It’s OK if one had to fight with the government for few things occasionally,

but what if we have to fight for everything? #farmer_suicide, #demonetization, #no_water_for_agriculture, #ban_for_jallikattu, #pongal_leave_not_compulsory, #fishermen_issue…

His posts are facts, but what is he trying to prove? What is he hinting? Certainly separatism. It’s time central government acts on it.


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